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A Better Employee Experience for Finance Teams

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Digitalising workflows make for a better employee experience

For Finance and HR leaders who oversee spending processes, policies, budgets, staff retention and job satisfaction, the pressure to manage these is at an all-time high, with resources becoming increasingly thin. Whilst you want staff to focus on the bigger picture, how do you keep up the momentum and retain them?

Finding creative solutions to build resilience that allows your Business School to move forward through reinvention in difficult times is tough, and recent findings tell us that 41% of the global workforce is considering resignation. With the cost of replacing an employee estimated to be c. two times an employee’s annual salary, the importance of energising employees to help solve the bigger business challenges has never been more important.

Like any member of staff, meaningful work matters - knowing you’re valued and set up for success with reliable digital solutions that are enabling and empowering, will go a long way to ensuring their longevity in your workplace. 

Whatever phase or stage your department is at, engaging employees will fuel your future success as they look for a supportive, inclusive and energising experience – and SAP Concur’s eBook takes you on 5 journeys that looks at efficiency challenges vs. solutions, and improving staff experience.

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